Every Day is Earth Day at Timberline Dallas!

Happy Earth Day from heart of Texas! Green grass or a garden does not necessarily indicate how vibrant the color is. It is also a term that promotes how environmentally friendly and sustainable your gardening practices are. Earth Day is a time to celebrate the environment and discover what steps you can take to promote […]


Dallas Landscaping Ideas?

The temperate climate and diversity of landscape in Dallas, provide many solutions for DIY landscapers and professionals alike. Dallas Landscaping Ideas? If you’re looking for some tips to get started with your landscaping project in Dallas, here’s a look at 5 common landscaping ideas: Use Bold Colors Experiment with a Desert Landscape Build an Outdoor […]


What Grows Well in Dallas?

Dallas has warm, dry summers and moderate winters, allowing for a wide variety of flowers and plants to grow. So what are some plants that grow well in Dallas? What Grows Well in Dallas? For a plant to thrive in Dallas, it should be hardy, drought-resistant, and adaptable to most soils to combat hot Texan […]