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Get Your Landscape Spring-Ready with Timberline Lawn and Landscape’s Ultimate Landscape Maintenance Checklist

Landscape Maintenance Ultimate Checklist


Spring has finally arrived and, if you’re like us at Timberline Lawn and Landscape, you’re anxious to see the bright colors of your spring Landscape Maintenance in its top condition. It’s at this time that the season’s warmer soil and air temperatures call for specific maintenance tasks that guarantee your lawn and landscape will remain in peak health for months to come. After over twenty years of providing seasonal landscape maintenance, we have compiled the ultimate spring maintenance checklist that allows us to provide healthy and attractive landscapes for our clients year-round.

Spring Landscape Maintenance Checklist from Timberline Lawn and Landscape:

Clean Up

Complete a site-wide property clean-up that focuses on removing leaves and other debris that may be cluttering beds from the dormant winter months.


Prune any brown or dead plants caused by the cold winter temps. This will not only add to the aesthetics of your landscape but also allow for the plants to grow stronger in the warmth of spring.


The snow and rainfall of winter months often deteriorate the edges of landscape beds, leaving behind an unfinished look. Timberline Lawn and Landscape can edge your beds to bring back their intended shape and create a defined space.


Lay fresh mulch or pine straw in beds and around the base of your trees to suppress weed growth, retain moisture, and improve your property’s overall appearance. Trust Timberline Lawn and Landscape to use the best mulch for your property.

Landscape Maintenance, Get Your Landscape Spring-Ready with Timberline Lawn and Landscape's Ultimate Maintenance Checklist Mulching


Install spring annuals in your beds to attract insect pollinators and create a refreshed spring look that brings color and style to your property. Timberline Lawn and Landscape can help you choose the best plants for your specific landscape.


Apply a slow-release fertilizer to promote green top and root growth and a pre-emergent to prevent weeds. Timberline Lawn and Landscape can provide the perfect fertilizer for your lawn.


Aerate the solid-packed winter soil to allow it to breathe and bring life back to plants, trees, and turf. Contact Timberline Lawn and Landscape today to schedule your aeration.

Audit Irrigation

After thorough spring maintenance, it’s important to keep your landscape looking in top shape through the hotter months to come. Conduct an irrigation audit, which ensures that your system is prepared to water your plants the correct amount at the proper time to keep your property looking its best. Timberline Lawn and Landscape can assist you with a thorough irrigation audit.

Landscape Maintenance, Get Your Landscape Spring-Ready with Timberline Lawn and Landscape's Ultimate Maintenance Checklist

And last but not least, ask professional lawn and landscape to maintain your yard.

Seeing our client’s landscapes come to life is one of the many joys of springtime that we look forward to at Timberline Lawn and Landscape! If you’re interested in anything from seasonal maintenance to specialized installations for your property, visit our website or contact us today to speak to one of our landscape maintenance professionals.

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